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Oman has a rich reserve of natural marble which is quite distinctive in its colours and patterns, above all its quality. This quality marble was formed over more than 500 million years which made it solid, low absorbent and durable.

Through the stone that signifies immortality, sturdiness and beauty. Today the wildness of the Omani landscapes is mostly reflected by the most famous beige colour Marble used in many famous and prestigious projects all over the world.

The wealth of natural Omani marble with its unique attributes attracted Sheikh Awadh bin Salim al Shanfari and he knew back then, that the marble industry will enable him realise his vision and achieve his goals.

Shanfari Marble , launched its operations in the year 1984, to promote the finest Omani marble carefully selected from its own quarries, which was distinguished  in both national and international markets for its quality marble, stunning colours and shades, fashioned by the dimensions of its fossils and vein; always, contributing to the national socio economic development process

With over 30 years of experience, we are proud to state that internationally today, we stand tall as one of the most reliable Omani marble vendors.