The Production Unit

Since day one, the company has invested in world class infrastructure for the manufacturing process through the provision of the latest and best specialized production lines for cutting, polishing and refining Marble Blocks and Slabs in order to produce different dimensions and variable thicknesses.

The management has been continuously developing the production facility and capacity over the years. Today the production capacity exceeds 1,500,000 square meters of marble slabs and tiles that are ready for installation.

The production unit was built on an area of 20,000 square meters, working around the clock to shape and refine the different types of marble. Additionally, (water jet ) and ( wire saw) equipment are also included within the production facility to deliver specific shapes and sculptures as well as artistic designs tailor made to the client’s expectations.

Several systems have been employed to manage the production process as per international parameters which also consider best professional practices to ensure the quality of the production, the safety of the employees and the environmental measures.